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Four Things To Watch About In Your Cosmetics

We are using cosmetics everyday for almost everything. However there are some things we must know about it. Some ingredients in our deodorant or nail polish can have negative influence to our body and health. This article comes to make you look more careful when choosing cosmetic products.

First alert to look for: active ingredient paraben

Also known under the name methyl paraben, propyl, etilpazaben, butilparaben. Its primary function is to extend the life of cosmetics. It is used in 90% of all shampoos, creams, facial masks, hair cosmetics, nail polishers and deodorants.

Suspected of: Present in breast cancers, but still is not found that it causes the cancer. Scientists believe that it is carcinogenic because of its behavior in the organism. Once in it begins to act like the female hormone estrogen. In women it causes breast augmentation, and for male – problems with reproductive system.

How to protect? Do not use aerosols and cream deodorants. Read carefully the ingredients when choosing.

Alert number two: active ingredient phthalate

It is also known under the names dietilftalat, dimetilftalat. Primary function – adds softness to cosmetic products, it dissolves perfumes in it and denatures alcohol. It is used in perfumes, muse and hair gel and nail polishers.

Suspected of: Harmful effect on the DNA. This conclusion has been made after a scientific research by the American organization “Working Group on Protection of Environment”. If a woman uses phthalate during pregnancy, could cause great problems to her son. This chemical blocks the regulation of the male sex hormones – androgens. This could lead to impotence and infertility.

How to protect? Do not use cosmetic products with phthalate in it, ever.

Third alert: active ingredient toluene.

Primary function – preservative. It is used to conserve and longer the life of cosmetic products. You can find it in perfumes and nail polishers.

Suspected of: Causing asthma. Study of the U.S. Department of Supervision on the quality of medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics and dietary supplements showed that toluene can cause asthma attack. It is pretty strong allergen, causes changes in the nervous system. It could lead to renal dysfunction, bone marrow, contributes to defects in babies.

How to protect? Choose wisely and always check the ingredients of the product for toluene.

Forth alert: active ingredient laurel lauryl sodium sulfate.

Also called SLS or SLES. Primary function: Cleaning. You can find it in some of the washing products.

Suspected of: A reserch of the medical college in Georgia proves that this ingredient is ruining children’s vision. It weakens immune system, as it penetrates through the skin into some of the major organs(liver and heart are the most affected). If combined with other cosmetic products it can produce cancerogenic substances, which hits the blood immediatly.

How to protect? Pick shampoo which consistence of SLS in less than 1%. Examine the package and avoid ingredients like petrolatum, propylene glycol, grease, petroleum jelly or lanolin, formaldehid.

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